Deborah Davis

Deborah Davis

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I had many questions and each one was answered promptly, in terms that I could understand. This was so important to me because a senior woman in her sixties such as myself does not always understand the lingo of the contractors and all the various terms of building decks and siding with hardy plank and so forth. But Mark and his team, literally transformed my house from an embarrassment to a beautifully done home that I am thrilled to live in.

I was informed of the status of all the various projects that were done to my home on a weekly basis and Mark called me many times throughout the week to answer any questions that I may have. The customer service that I received was off the charts! It could not get any better than this team provided. Mark and his team of carpenters, painters, landscapers, and more, were always on time, professional, knowledgeable, and answered all my questions promptly. He told me when all projects were expected to be completed and 98% of the time was completely accurate. Due to bad weather and various heavy rainstorms work was delayed a few times, but this should be expected on all jobs such as this.

The level of craftsmanship Off the charts!!! Could not get any better than this team!!! They were always on schedule for all the various projects that were done. They kept the worksite spotless. They treated my property as if it was their own. All materials such as siding, wood, paint, tools, were completely organized NEATLY in my driveway or in my garage. This made things run smoothly and everyone knew where each tool was, where each box of caulk was or which group of lumber went where on the exterior of my home. Very professional. The quality and value of my finished project is exceptional, OUTSTANDING!! I am overjoyed with the finished project. I could not be happier.

I highly recommend THE LANDMARK GROUPING. There is no doubt that I will continue to use them and recommend this company to all my friends. I already have! I think my Son John Dover has already used you, and I will continue to recommend your firm in the future.

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